The Shy Girl Chloe from HKUGAC

Chloe was a typical student who feared math. She could not understand in class and had fallen behind, causing her to lose all her confidence in math. Chloe’s mom was worried about her daughter’s academic performance, especially in math, so she decided to send Chloe here to Knight Math. When we first met, Chloe was very shy and quiet. She kept her eyes to the ground as she walked into the classroom. She worked slowly and inefficiently. Whenever she got stuck in a problem, she hesitated to ask for help, and I had to proactively ask, “Chloe, do you have any question?”

During classes, I realized that Chloe was working inefficiently because she was afraid of making mistakes in her works, and her lack of confidence in math slowed her down even more. Instead of only solving her math problem, I kept telling her that she could do it and showed my support in order to boost her ego.

A few weeks later, although she was still one of the quiet students in my class, she started to ask questions when needed. She could complete a quiz with challenging questions on her own and get most of them correct. As Chloe has taken a step foward in class, her mom also told us about her self-study, “Chloe would study math at home by herself like she never did before! Thank you!”

Now I can see Chloe’s smile on her face as she knows math is not her greatest fear anymore. This is the reason why I am here and what impact I can make as an educator.